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With no updates at blogorrah.com for the last week, could YourTechStuff.com become the new online home for Irish models?

Niall O'K

In answer to the question: I wonder how long Lorraine will keep doing the glamour shots? , I’m guessing “as long as the sponsorship between 3 and her ‘Xposé’ program on TV3 exists, or as long as she remains with ‘Xposé’, or as long as she bloody well wants to - it’s a money maker for her, so why not!?!?”

Oh and I’m told she doesn’t do these jobs in evenings or at the weekend (she showed up very early in the day to do the 3 photo shoot) as she has an 8 month old baby at home and always puts family first… which is nice.

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*To trust myself, and believe everything nice!

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